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Handala purple

Handala Covers

from £599.00
Handala Covers

Product Details

The Handala Covers are custom-made to fit your Hero Arm using state-of-the-art 3D-printing. The Handala Covers were designed as a collaboration between our awesome engineers and Bristol-based artist and draughtsman Dan Bowler. Dan works mostly with mandalas, and his art is created as a fusion of meditation, healing, learning and a form of cosmic playfulness.

Handala Covers for Hero Arm are custom-made from 3D printed SLS nylon plastic
Less than 150 grams, super lightweight and very slick
These covers are only available for Hero Arm users, engineered especially for you
Open Bionics will replace covers that have manufacturing faults or defects up to 3 months from the date of delivery.
We'll ship your covers within 25 working days of receiving your order
The Handala Cover are currently available in purple, red and green.

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