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Sr front cover recycled
Ob twotone sidebyside 300dpi   small

Regenerate Covers - Customisable

from £119.00
Regenerate Covers - Customisable

Product Details

The Regenerate Covers for the Hero Arm are custom-made especially for you using 3D-printers, so you can look super cool and save the planet at the same time. Your arm, your rules.
Click through to personalise your hand and arm covers for your Hero Arm
Regenerate Covers for Hero Arm are made from 3D printed recycled PLA plastic
Less than 150 grams, super lightweight and very slick
These covers are only available for Hero Arm users, engineered especially for you
We'll offer a replacement for defective or broken covers up to 3 months from purchase date
We'll ship your covers within 7 days of receiving your order

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